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Introducing MyoKare Frozen Therapy! 

The finest hands-on therapy,
by trained professionals.

Experience the highest quality therapy,  tailored to your unique needs and pain points. Let Multiflora guide you to optimal health and wellness today.

Are You Experiencing Any Of The Following?

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Poor diet can contribute to stress, lethargy, weight issues and even high blood pressure.

Poor Diet

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This sudden and intense feeling of warmth can be a sign of larger health issues.

Hot Flushes

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Shoulder pain can be the precursor to frozen shoulders (i.e. loss in mobility of shoulders).

Shoulder Pain

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Lack of sleep is closely associated with heart attack, diabetes and depression.


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Poor posture is directly linked to neck and back pain, and affects productivity and confidence.

Bad Posture


Damaged or pinched nerves may be linked to pain in the shoulder as well as numbness in the hand, including the fingers. 

Hand Numbness

What can MyoKare Therapy do for you?




How MyoKare Therapy can help you:

Solve your health problem(s) at its root

Help you listen to and understand your body's needs

Better health, better self. Regain your confidence

Boost overall immunity

MyoKare Therapy Process

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Multiflora's Awards and Accolades

Established in 2002,
Multiflora is equipped with Extensive experience
in bringing health, wellness and beauty to all walks of life.
“My shoulders are sore and my back hurts. A friend introduced me to come here to feel it. The environment is good, the service is good, the technique is professional."
- Lin Ma
"Good treatment and amazing service. Clean and good ambience to relax. Therapist did a great job in relieving tight spots on my back and shoulder and was skillful overall. I just did my songjin body treatment and it was really good treatment for back pain. Surely recommend to my friends."
- Lev Zafra
“I like the beautiful environment here and their professional service attitude. I originally had sore shoulders and felt relieved and relaxed after a few massage treatments. Thank you!”
- Cindy

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