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A New Generation of Health & Wellness

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Through rigorous research and development, we strive to provide only the best for our clients.


Numerous specialists and experts of different fields have been invited to conduct talks and company training to aid us in the planning and development of new treatments.


Founder & CEO of

Multiflora Noibara Pte Ltd

Young (Yang) TCM Wellness Pte Ltd

In-Ko Pte Ltd

IntMedia Pte Ltd

AM Universe Pte Ltd 

Abby Skin Care

Mean Beauty

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Datin Sri Abby Lau

Growing up under the influence of Western technologies while still surrounded by traditional Eastern knowledge, Abby is always an advocate of approaching wellness with an all-around, long-term approach. While “fast” solutions can treat specific issues, it takes time to build up one’s wellbeing. With over 20 years of experience, Abby explored multiple ventures looking for what would eventually become her calling – to launch Multiflora TCM Spa in 2002.

With the new innovation, Abby, along with her brand, went and won various awards in recognition of her efforts. This have further spur her passion in restoring and spreading the message of holistic wellbeing – one body at a time.

The woman behind Multiflora Noibara

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