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The TCM Approach

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The whole basis of TCM theory is based around manipulating Qi, it means energy. The inter-relation of Qi and circulation plays a big role in balancing the overall body health.

Qi provides the active, vital energy necessary for the growth and development of the human body and to perform the physiological functions of the organs, meridians and tissues. Qi works in conjunction with the other vital substances to keep your body healthy.

When a body that has a good flow of Qi, it does not only benefit your health internally, but it also reflects on your emotions as you would feel energized and happier. A person with Qi deficiency or stagnation, the immune system of the person will be affected. 

In fact, how TCM therapies or treatments work is by unblocking stagnant Qi in the body, allowing it to flow smoothly.


This would help to boost the immune systems and heal the body in a holistic and natural way. There is no doubt that adopting Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most natural way of improving your quality of life holistically.


Our Signature TCM Therapies

Myofascial Body Therapy

A holistic therapy that combines Western products and Oriental techniques to stimulate the meridians, acupoints and facias of various parts of the body to increase the ‘Qi’ and blood circulation. This helps in delaying the body’s degeneration.

Moxibustion Therapy

A method of heating specific acupuncture points on the body by burning an herb close to the skin. Mugwort is usually used as it is able to travel through all the meridians, expelling cold in the process. This helps to prevent diseases, maintaining health and strengthening organs.


Yang Enliven

By masterfully using a specialised tool (升阳铲) with techniques of tendon strumming, Yang Enliven can easily increase the Positive Energy Flow in your body.

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Signature services

Diatom ReNew

The special Diatom ReNew Facial will help your skin shed a layer, reducing all the nastiness such as blemishes, dead skin and wrinkle. After that, it will be sure to leave you with supple, clearer and a more even skin!

Enzyme Rush Facial

This facial makes use of enzymes to detoxify and decompose excessive keratin build ups that causes harden dry bumps on the skin. It also boosts skin metabolism and restore the natural health of the skin. It’s acts as an exfoliant by dissolving surface debris from the skin, keeping it soft and smooth.

HA Therapy

HA Therapy is also known as Hyaluronic Acid Treatment. It helps to lock in the hydration and whitening factor to achieve a younger, fresher and more supple look.

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Our Signature Western Technology Facials

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